Further ACF Reogranization (1 comment)

Added by Kirill Lepski about 6 years ago

Some futher reogranization of ACF projects was started. Attribute Library was renamed into Property Library and moved from ACF to ACF Solutions.

ACF reogranization

Added by Kirill Lepski about 6 years ago

ACF projects were reorganized.
ACF Compositor was moved to ACF core project and Multimedia package was moved from ACF core repository to ACF Solutions.
ACF version was now set to 1.5

Property library (1 comment)

Added by Kirill Lepski about 6 years ago

Library for management of "attributable" objects was added. Now you can easy create standard implementations of persistent objects. By example an implementation of a simple model interface could be:

class MyModelImpl: public IMyModel, public iprop::CPropiertiesManager{
    // In constructor you must initialize each attribute: 
       :m_parameter(this, "MyParameter", "Parameter description", CF_MY_PARAMETER_CHANGE, 77) // attribute owner, ID of the attribute, attribute description, change notification flags, default value

    // reimplemented (IMyModel)
    virtual int GetParameter() const
        return m_parameter.GetValue();

    virtual void SetParameter(int value)

    iprop::CIntProperty m_parameter;

iprop::CPropiertiesManager implements model update notification for all attributes used in your implementation and persistence of your object.

Mail notifications

Added by Kirill Lepski about 6 years ago

Mail notification settings in Redmine were corrected yesterday. So it's running now.

ACF Management Setup

Added by Kirill Lepski over 6 years ago

The setup of ACF build system, SVN server and Redmine is finished now.

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