ACF framework is splited into the three projects:
  • ACF core framework and basic component packages, called short ACF
  • ACF-Solutions - are packages for more specific components assigned to a concrete thema, by example hot-folder based processing framework, image processing library, technical measurement components and so on.
    IACF - IACF contains component wrappers for 3rd party libraries (by example: Qwt, Qwt3d, GiGE, OpenCV, zlib).

Depending on what you need, you can select all or only some of the projects to download.

Qt Framework

ACF uses Qt Framework for underlying UI implementations, so you need to install also Qt. Qt can be downloaded hier. After Installation of Qt you will be need to register QTDIR environment variable and add QTDIR/bin directory to the PATH system variable (on Windows).


On Windows, each of these projects has its own installation file, which can be downloaded from the Download page. After download you can start installation wizard und follow the instructions there.

Go to Download page for the newest ACF version.

Other plattforms

At this time we don't have some installers for other plattforms. You will need also download the complete source code and build ACF projects directly on your system.

Getting Source Code

You can also get the complete source code of ACF from the Public SVN Repository.
Repository is hosted at:
User: external
Password: acf

If you want to participate in the ACF development (e.g. you have found and fixed a bug), please contact us at to get access rights for commiting to Public Repository.